EVALU-IT's team uses in-depth knowledge and expertise to design, implement, and evaluate policies, programs, and projects in a variety of subjects like education, health, social protection and labor, entrepreneurship, arts, housing, and criminal justice. Research objectives include:


  • Exceeding learning outcomes for students of primary, secondary, and higher education
  • Improving the readiness of students for a lifetime of learning
  • Promoting smart investment and developing the capacity of education systems that deliver appropriate skills for jobs 
  • Improving equality of opportunities through the promotion of early education and development
  • Providing training and technical assistance in various education-related contexts



  • Creating resilience, equity, and opportunity for communities
  • Protecting people, so they can cope with risks and access opportunities
  • Moving fragmented social protection programs to harmonized systems that deliver income protection and improve human capital
  • Improving coverage of social safety nets to the poorest segments of the population and excluded groups
  • Ensuring that social welfare systems can respond quickly in times to crises
  • Fostering mobility into productive jobs 



  • Assessing overall implementation strategies of arts programs
  • Understanding the relationships between arts and mental health
  • Supporting creativity and innovation 
  • Promoting knowledge about the contributions of the arts to the economy



  • Supporting and assessing the impact of different programs across the Nation
  • Evaluating the incidence of various stakeholders involved in criminal justice initiatives
  • Developing a victims-centered approach to attain higher rates of improved investigations
  • Reducing impunity



  • Quantifying and assessing the impact of housing programs on health, education, and economic mobility
  • Evaluating the effects of Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV) and Public Housing (PH), on job transition outcomes
  • Analyzing the effects of Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV) and Public Housing (PH) on children's health and education
  • Evaluating Community Development Block Grants Programs (CDBGP) and their impact towards restructuring roads and buildings in low-income neighborhoods



  • Promoting private sector growth and job creation
  • Building healthy entrepreneurial ecosystems
  • Leveraging industry expertise in entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Supporting innovative ways to enhance access to opportunities for business expansion
  • Evaluating the role of agencies concerning promotion of entrepreneurs
  • Promoting equity and inclusiveness in entrepreneurship



  • Evaluating the capacity to build equitable and affordable health systems that, simultaneously, prevent illnesses and save lives
  • Preventing poverty due to illness  
  • Improving the health sector’s contribution to better macroeconomic and fiscal performance
  • Promoting systems to reduce and mitigate health risks

EVALU-IT, LLC provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or genetics.


EVALU-IT, LLC uses E-Verify to determine an individual's eligibility to work lawfully in the United States and to confirm identity with the Social Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security.