High-Skilled Volunteerism

High-Skilled Volunteerism (HSV) programs, where high-skilled individuals provide services for no financial gain, are increasing in popularity. Do you know why?


There are many advantages provided by High-Skilled Volunteerism programs as they:

  1. Leverage specialized skills and the talents of individuals to strengthen nonprofits. These programs build and sustain an NGO's capacity to successfully achieve their missions.
  2. Benefit organization and communities served (development of technology transfers, know-how, capacity, and human capital) (Maranta and Speevak, 2010).
  3. Promote service-oriented values. High-Skilled Volunteerism programs are expected to benefit the volunteer (development of social consciousness, work experience, and socio-emotional skills, among others).

In 2005, Deloitte’s Volunteer IMPACT Survey reported that more than 80 percent of working adults believed that volunteering enhances decision-making and problem-solving abilities (Skilled-Based Volunteerism, n.d.).


In 2016, the Deloitte’s Impact Survey results indicated that a volunteering experience plays a significant role in building leadership skills considered essential for successful leaders.


The survey revealed that including volunteering experience on a résumé may make job candidates significantly more attractive to employers (2016 Deloitte Impact Survey Building leadership skills through volunteerism, 2016).


According to Deloitte's report: 

  • 82 % of respondents said they would be more likely to choose a candidate with volunteer experience on their résumé.
  • 85 % of respondents found skills-based volunteering to help talent advance their communication skills vs. 77 percent for non-skills-based volunteering.
  • 88 % of respondents found skills-based volunteering to play a fundamental role in developing strong character vs. 84 percent for non-skills-based volunteering. 



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